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Flashback Friday: How to Dress Like an 80s Rockstar fashion

Flashback Friday: How to Dress Like an 80s Rockstar

The 80s rock fashion trend was one of the most iconic fashion eras of all time. From big hair and bright colors to ripped jeans and leather jackets, the 80s rock look was the perfect mix of glam and edge. For this week’s Flashback Friday, let’s take a trip back in time and explore how to dress like an 80s rockstar.

From the best wardrobe essentials to styling tips, we’ll provide you with all the tools you need to create your own version of the classic 80s rock fashion look. It’s Flashback Friday! Today we’re talking about 80s rock fashion and how to dress like an 80s rockstar. The 80s brought us some of the most iconic looks in rock music history.

From leather jackets and tight jeans to big hair and neon colors, the fashion of the 80s was bold and daring. If you want to channel your inner rockstar, we have all the tips and tricks to help you dress like an 80s rockstar. So put on your best rock n’ roll attitude and get ready to rock the 80s style!

Leather jackets

The leather jacket has been a staple of 80s rock fashion since the early days of hard rock and heavy metal. From the iconic look of Slash from Guns N’ Roses to Bret Michaels from Poison, the leather jacket was an essential part of the wardrobe for any rockstar in the 1980s.

This garment is a must-have when it comes to achieving an authentic 80s rock look. The look is all about the fit, so make sure you get one that fits snugly and looks good with your other 80s rock fashion pieces. And don’t forget to add a few pins or patches on the lapels – this will add extra attitude to the ensemble. Spandex pants were also very popular during this era, perfect for showing off those curves! And what 80s rock style would be complete without bold accessories like studded belts and bracelets?

These items will help pull together your entire 80s rock fashion look. Lastly, don’t forget about headwear! From cowboy hats to bandanas, these headpieces will instantly give you the perfect 80s rockstar vibe. So grab yourself some leather and spandex, throw on some accessories, and hit the stage in true 80s rock fashion!

Skin-tight jeans

When it comes to 80s rock fashion, the only acceptable option for bottoms is skin-tight jeans. Often in a light wash, these jeans were designed to show off every curve of the body, making them an integral part of any rocker’s wardrobe. Whether you go with classic blue denim or opt for a wild pattern, nothing says “I’m ready to rock” quite like a pair of skin-tight jeans.

For an even more authentic look, consider going with acid wash denim and adding some strategically placed rips and tears. Whatever style you choose, make sure your jeans are tight enough to show off your individual style. Band T-shirts: A band T-shirt is another essential item for nailing 80s rock fashion. From Guns N’ Roses to Metallica, there’s no shortage of iconic 80s bands that inspired legions of devoted fans.

Now’s your chance to pay tribute to their influence with a T-shirt featuring their iconic logo or artwork. Don’t forget to add patches and pins to customize the look! Leather jackets: If you’re trying to dress like an 80s rock star, you’ll definitely need at least one leather jacket. Whether you prefer biker or bomber styles, leather jackets were the ultimate symbol of coolness in the 80s and they still carry that same edge today. Accessorize your jacket with pins, patches, studs and anything else that captures the spirit of 80s rock fashion. Large belt buckles: Last but not least, large belt buckles were another signature item of 80s rock fashion.

Graphic t-shirts

The 1980s saw a revival in rock fashion, and graphic t-shirts were a huge part of this trend. Printed with iconic rock bands, logos, and slogans, graphic t-shirts were essential to any 80s rock fashion ensemble. From Guns N’ Roses to Metallica and Nirvana, these bold shirts boldly proclaimed your loyalty to the bands that defined the decade’s rock music scene. While wearing a graphic t-shirt is a way to pay homage to the legendary bands of the 80s, it also serves as a way to make a statement. Whether it’s a subtle reference to the heyday of glam metal or an out-and-out declaration of love for your favorite artist, a graphic t-shirt makes it easy to show off your individual style and express yourself.


Bandanas are a quintessential part of 80s rock fashion. The fashion accessory could be found in various colors and worn with both casual and formal looks. For the more casual style, you could wear it around your neck or tie it in your hair. For a more dressy style, wear it around your wrist or as a headband.

It’s an easy way to add a touch of fun to your outfit and keep that 80s rock vibe alive. Leather jackets were another key element to 80s rock fashion. You can find them in all sorts of styles, from bomber jackets to full-length coats. A leather jacket was often paired with skinny jeans for a tough yet stylish look. Other fabrics popular among 80s rockers included denim, silk, and spandex.

Shredded jeans, brightly colored crop tops, ripped T-shirts, and fishnet stockings were all must-haves for those looking for an edgy 80s rock style. Accessories such as studded belts, chunky jewelry, large aviator sunglasses, and bright colored scarves were also essentials for those seeking out the perfect 80s rock look. So break out those bandanas and leather jackets and get ready for a rocking good time!

Big hair

When you think of 80s rock fashion, the big hair trend immediately comes to mind. To get the perfect big hair look, you’ll want to stock up on mousse, hairspray, and lots of teasing brushes. For shorter hair, you can use a curling iron to add volume. And for longer hair, use your fingers to curl the ends for extra body.

Big hair should be styled with a lot of lift at the roots and lots of volume around the crown. When finished, spray with a light mist of hairspray and you’re good to go! 80s rock fashion also includes bold makeup. Heavy black eyeliner was popular among both men and women in the 80s, paired with bright eyeshadow shades like turquoise, blue, pink or purple. Blush was often used in bright shades like red or orange to bring out the cheekbones, and bright lipstick was worn often too – coral and fuchsia were popular shades.

As for clothing, leather jackets, tight jeans or leggings, graphic tees or t-shirts paired with shorts were staples in 80s rock fashion. Fishnet gloves and arm warmers were also popular among women in the 80s, as well as chunky statement jewelry like hoop earrings or chokers. Finally, no 80s rock outfit would be complete without some kind of bold hairstyle- whether it’s a bright color streak or teased-out bangs.



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