5 Reasons To Be Excited For Texas Tech Football This Season

Texas Tech football is one of the most exciting sports programs in the country. With a passionate fan base and a talented roster, the Red Raiders are set to have an incredible season this year. From a standout quarterback to an up-and-coming coaching staff, there are plenty of reasons to be excited for Texas Tech football this season. Here are five of the best reasons to get pumped up for the Red Raiders’ upcoming season.

A New Era

The Texas Tech Red Raiders are in the midst of a new era of football. With the hiring of former Washington State head coach Mike Leach, Texas Tech fans have plenty to be excited about. Leach is known for his innovative offensive schemes and his emphasis on passing attack, something that Texas Tech was lacking in recent years. Leach is also a master motivator, so expect to see some fiery speeches from him during games this season. With Leach at the helm, Texas Tech football is sure to be an exciting ride this year.

The Return Of Key Players

As Texas Tech Football enters a new era under Coach Matt Wells, the Red Raiders are set to get a huge boost from the return of key players from last season. Quarterback Jett Duffey and wide receiver T.J. Vasher have both returned for their senior seasons, giving the Red Raiders a veteran presence in their offense.

Duffey led the team with 3,221 passing yards and 21 touchdowns last year and Vasher was second on the team with 537 receiving yards and 6 touchdown catches. Having two veteran playmakers back in the lineup is sure to be a big advantage for the Red Raiders. The defense also gets a huge boost with the return of linebacker Riko Jeffers, who led the team with 78 tackles and 8 tackles for loss last season.

Cornerback Douglas Coleman III is also back for his senior season, having led the Big 12 conference in interceptions last year with seven. Having two proven veterans leading the defense will be invaluable for the Red Raiders as they look to improve upon last season’s performance. Texas Tech Football fans have plenty to be excited about with the return of key players from last season. With an experienced group of veterans at the helm, the Red Raiders are set up for success this season.

A New Defensive Scheme

The Texas Tech football team has a new defensive coordinator this season, and the excitement is palpable. Coach Keith Patterson brings an aggressive, attacking style of play to the defense, which is perfect for the fast-paced nature of the Big 12 Conference.

Coach Patterson emphasizes speed and pressure from the defensive line, which could result in the Red Raiders creating turnovers and disrupting opponents’ offenses more often than in years past. He also plans to use more 3-4 looks in order to take advantage of the team’s speed and athleticism. If Coach Patterson can implement his system effectively, it could give Texas Tech the boost they need to compete in the conference.

Improved Special Teams

Texas Tech football has made some major improvements to its special teams for the upcoming season. The Red Raiders are bringing in new specialists, as well as giving a few key returners more responsibilities. The team is looking to be much better in the kicking and punting game, which could be a huge factor in their success this season.

First, Texas Tech football has added two new players that have proven to be great kickers: freshman Payton Connors and junior college transfer Ryan Chell. Both players have already been making their mark on the team with their strong legs and accuracy. They’ve also been pushing each other to improve throughout camp, so the competition should make the kicking game better.

Second, senior Austin McNamara is returning to take over punting duties from last season’s starter. McNamara is known for his booming punts and ability to place the ball in specific areas. He has been working hard this offseason to become an even better punter, so look for him to have a big year for the Red Raiders. Finally, Texas Tech football will be returning several key players on special teams.

Senior Ja’Deion High will continue to be a leader in the kickoff and punt return game. He has been one of the best returners in the Big 12 over the past two seasons and is hoping to have another big year. The team also returns several experienced kick blockers who will help keep their opponents off balance when they try to kick against them.

Overall, Texas Tech football has made some major upgrades to its special teams this offseason. With two new kickers and a veteran punter leading the way, as well as a host of experienced kick blockers and returners, the Red Raiders should be much better in the kicking and punting game this season.

A (Relatively) Easy Schedule

Texas Tech football fans have plenty to be excited about heading into the 2021 season. One of the biggest reasons for optimism is the team’s relatively easy schedule. While the Red Raiders will face some tough opponents, such as Oklahoma and Iowa State, their road will not be nearly as daunting as other teams in the Big 12.

The Red Raiders will start the season off with four non-conference games, which should give them an opportunity to get off to a hot start and build confidence heading into Big 12 play. After that, Texas Tech will face just five opponents who had winning records last season. Furthermore, none of those teams won more than nine games in 2020.

Texas Tech will also have the luxury of playing three of their last four games at home, which could help them secure a strong finish to the season. With a bit of luck, this favorable schedule could help the Red Raiders make a push for a spot in a bowl game. Overall, there are plenty of reasons to be optimistic about Texas Tech football this season, and their relatively easy schedule is certainly one of them.


As the start of the 2021 college football season approaches, Texas Tech Football fans should be excited for what is to come. This season will mark the beginning of a new era under head coach Matt Wells, with the return of key players, a new defensive scheme, improved special teams, and a (relatively) easy schedule. With all this in mind, it is safe to say that Texas Tech Football is looking forward to a successful 2021 season and will be ready to take the field.

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